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Travel plans for Independence Day? Let us know if you’ll be traveling out of the tri-state area to ensure your Merchants Bank debit or credit cards continue to work. Submit a travel alert in Online & Mobile Banking or call us at (866) 496-0522. Have a safe holiday!

Masood Dehnavifar, J.D. Headshot

Masood Dehnavifar, J.D.

Trust Department Manager

Phone: (507) 457-1156
Email: Email Masood

Michelle Massman Headshot

Michelle Massman

Trust and Estate Administration Specialist

Phone: (507) 725-3335
Email: Email Michelle

Martin Oines, CFP®, CTFA Headshot

Martin Oines, CFP®, CTFA

Trust Officer

Phone: (507) 457-1151
Email: Email Martin

Rebecca Decker Headshot

Rebecca Decker

Client Relationship Specialist

Phone: (507) 457-1157
Email: Email Rebecca

Raymond Hansen, J.D. Headshot

Raymond Hansen, J.D.

Trust Officer

Phone: (507) 535-1538
Email: Email Raymond

Chris Livingston, QKA®, AIF®  Headshot

Chris Livingston, QKA®, AIF®

Retirement Plan Director

Phone: (507) 457-9312
Email: Email Chris

Debbie Smith Headshot

Debbie Smith

Trust Administrative Assistant

Phone: (507) 457-1153
Email: Email Debbie

Mandy Beth Headshot

Mandy Beth

Trust Operations Assistant

Phone: (507) 457-1103
Email: Email Mandy

Ellen Brand Headshot

Ellen Brand

Trust Operations Assistant

Phone: (507) 457-1152
Email: Email Ellen

Collin Batzel Headshot

Collin Batzel

Retirement Plan Operations Assistant

Phone: (507) 457-1158
Email: Email Collin

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