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Meet Angie Foss

I was born in Red Wing and have spent my whole life in this region. I have more than two decades in the financial industry and came to Merchants Bank as a Mortgage Lender in 2022. I believe in being active in your community; I serve on a variety of local boards and committees. Something else I’m passionate about is making sure everyone is comfortable with the home ownership process, so I co-founded T.R.A.I.L. to Home Ownership, a real estate industry educational resource for the community. I hope that when customers work with me they feel that they understood the process and feel prepared and confident in each step.

Top Tip from Angie

My top tip is to find a lender you trust and that makes you feel comfortable asking questions. Buying a home is an exciting process, and you want to make sure it’s a good experience, rather than a stressful one, so find a lender that prioritizes good communication.

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